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Make your Property More Visible

How much would you pay to have your property published on the front page of your hometown newspaper?

We now offer two types of guaranteed homepage advertising to bring attention to your properties.

Featured Listing Homepage Presence

  • 45
  • 30 days

Your property can be seen with greater frequency by more renters. Specialized list view with prominent location. Advantages include:

  • Prominent display on home page
  • More views and click-throughs
  • Emphasized by a star and a thumbnail
  • ‘Call to Action’ arrow to the right
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Premium Listing Premier Advertising

  • 99
  • 30 days

Premium location, size and movement! We cannot do more to make people notice. Premium listings speak for themselves. Advantages include:

  • Highest visibility on our site
  • Emphasized by sliding animation
  • Large thumbnail
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How Listing Upgrades Work

Real estate is all about location, location, location. On all websites the best real estate is the home page. When you make one of your properties a featured listing, it is guaranteed a spot on the home page for 30 days. Everyone who visits will see the featured listings. When you upgrade one of your properties to a platinum listing it has even more visibility, as it is also featured in our new home page slider, where it has a sperate visual treatment that separates it from the list view and emphasizes your selected property thumbnail!

In addition, we have designed our search engine to prioritize your featured listing in all search results that match your property. If there are two pages of properties returned on a search, your featured listing will still appear on the top of the first page! This enhanced visibility ensures that your property will not be lost among hundreds of competing listings.

Featured Listings

Featured Listings are $45 for 30 days. Tenants visiting see YOUR listing first. Your listing will automatically go to the head of the class, occupying one of the top spots on the home page and will be marked with a star for easy identification.

Featured Listings are designed to be visible on the home page at all times. We do not sell more featured listings than there are spots, and therefore do not rotate them on and off of the home page. This guarantees that whoever visits the site will always see your listing. However, as result there is limited number of featured listings.

Upgrade your properties to Featured Listings now for only $45 each!

Premium Listings

Premium Listings are $99 for 30 days. Tenants visiting will have Premium Listings presented to them in our slider, which is a more emphasized and offset from the regular listing view of our site. With all the benefits of a featured listing, a platinum listing has the advantage of immediacy!

Premium Listings are designed to be visible as part of a set of rotating properties in the slider of our home page. We do not sell more than 10 Premium Listings at any one time. They appear in random order and automatically rotate in order to ensure that all Premium Listings get the same amount of screen time. Your property will be keeping the ‘best company’ and will be presented in the most eye-catching way!

Upgrade your properties to Premium Listings now for only $99 each!

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